Traditonal Marquees

Traditional canvas, supported by central poles and guy ropes. A quintessential English marquee.

Traditional marquees are canvas fabric structures; supported by central poles, guy ropes and steel pins. They are suitable for erection on grass or similar surfaces. Traditional marquees offer a combination of elegance and strength and have the added attraction of bringing their unique character to all events.

"Ivory linings and swagging in a variety of colours"

When people think of a marquee it is a traditional marquee they are often considering.  From the outside a traditional marquee looks immediately impressive. Inside there is a feeling of space and light.  For weddings a traditional marquee is often the first choice. There is something magical about a traditional English style marquee.

We offer a range of linings, valances and swagging. These include ivory pleated and flat, a variety of colour stripes and midnight blue which we use to create a 'starry night' effect.

Traditional Marquee with Poles and guy ropes


Internal Marquee with Tables Chairs and Dance Floor

"Flame retardant and water repellent"

We are marquee makers and use patterns that are 200 years old, using methods of manufacture that have been passed down over the years. Our canvas is woven in India then shipped to Scotland where it receives treatment for flame retardancy and water repellence. Our marquees meet the highest standards and conform to Home Office regulations. We hold fire safety certificates for all of our fabric products.

BSW can supply you the unique marquee experience. Contact us now for an informal chat about what we can do for your special event.


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