Heat your marquee with BSW Marquees

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At BSW Marquees we tend to use ‘indirect heaters’. These types of heaters sit outside a marquee and duct in warm air. We have a range different sizes. Indirect heaters use propane gas as their fuel but also need minimal electricity for an internal fan. They are easy to use and controlled from inside the marquee by a thermostat. On public sites you are only allowed to use ‘indirect heaters’ Fire Inspectors on public sites will not allow direct heaters i.e. the heater in the marquee.

However on private sites you can use any type of heater. We still have direct ‘space heaters’ for hire. These types of heaters are very fuel efficient. At BSW Marquee we are very flexible as regards heaters. They can be cancelled at short notice if the weather allows. We can also add heaters at short notice (even on the day of the function) again depending on the weather.

At BSW Marquees we have been supplying marquees, with heaters, for over 40 years. We are one of the oldest marquee companies in Essex. Contact me today for details on BSW Marquee supplying you with any type of marquee hire.